Quality car tyres in Bristol

If your tyres are old and worn out, we can help you decide which tyre is right for your car. Call us for help today.

Are your tyres roadworthy?

Ask the experts at A.S. Autos. Bring your vehicle down to us for a thorough inspection and we will share a detailed report of the condition of your tyres. If your wheels are not aligned properly your tyres will wear unevenly, our specialist team will ensure that they are repaired or replaced with the best quality tyres. For details about our services, call us.  
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Cost-effective tyre services

Every time there is a change in the season, make sure that your tyres are checked. We offer cost-effective solutions to make sure you have strong and high performance tyres to keep you safe on the road. Rely on the team at A.S. Autos to provide you with efficient tyre fitting and repairs in Bristol.
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Why should you choose us?

  • 25 years of experience in offering garage services
  • Friendly and highly skilled team of mechanics
  • Competitively priced services
  • Authorised MOT checks and servicing
  • All types of vehicle repairs covered 
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